Saturday, 6 August 2011

27. The Horrors - Skying

At least when Viva Brother swagger along, gurning away in their slightly slow, inane, manner you get to your swing arm, tighten your fist. Whereas what is there to say about The Horrors' album? By the fourth, or maybe it's the fifth song, it's hard to keep track, you find yourself wondering if ITV3 are showing any Taggart (Can't believe they axed Taggart).

There's a lot of talk about how The Horrors sound like other bands with this release, mainly Simple Minds and other eighties culprits, but that's not the problem, loads of bands steal from/sound like other acts. But it is a problem that they don't sound like themselves. When Suede referenced Bowie they sounded like a band acknowledging a Bowie fascination, when Teenage Fanclub jangled and swooned like Big Star, they sounded like the perfectly formed sunkissed Scottish pop band they were in their hearts. With The Horrors it's like they've collected a bunch of sounds and kicked them into their songs, which are, sadly, as unremarkable as the sounds they've plundered. Not even disappointing, just, you know... Oooooh look, Taggart is on!

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