Why Are You Doing This?

I did my research and realised the internet was sorely lacking in nonentities writing about music. So, regardless of the personal sacrifice, here is my blog.

I will now try and justify this horseshit.

I have lots and lots of albums. But I tend to play the same ones. Or I go to Spotify and play albums I know I own but haven't seen knocking around for a while. When I do listen to artists or albums I've not heard before, I don't give them the type of listen they deserve. I listen for roughly three songs, usually whilst I'm doing something else, reference who they sound like, and then go back to the songs and albums I already know. Occasionally something new breaks through and sticks, but this doesn't happen as much as it used to. And with much of my listening done through my laptop, I'm hardly hearing anyway, crappy speakers and distractions everywhere. I'm certainly not listening as intently as I did when I was a teenager, curled up in bed, discman whirring, getting lost in an album from the opening bars to the last beat. So this blog is an attempt to hear loads of new (new to me) albums and to really listen to them - headphones on, phone off, laptop shut. I'm actually quite excited.

I aim to find great new music to fall in love with but some reviews will be critical. I'm unlikely to love 100 albums, so if a bad review upsets anyone, I'm sorry, but the reviews have to be an honest assessment, otherwise there is no point. But who's interested in what a loser in the far-flung corner of the internet thinks anyway? Exactly.